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I am Abishur Prakash.

Keynote Speaker

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Key Focus Areas: US-China, Globalization, AI, International Affairs, Blocs, Trade, Eurasia, Middle East, Americas, Africa


My name is Abishur Prakash. I work with companies and nations, helping them deal with geopolitics.


My journey to this point, like many others, is unorthodox. I was born in New Zealand to parents from India. I had my childhood in Australia, and have grown as an adult in Canada. From the get-go, my DNA was global.

Little did I know, but this type of upbringing, encompassing multiple cultures and time zones, would influence the direction of my life down the road. During my time in university, I gravitated towards a deeper understanding of how the world worked. A short entrepreneurial stint later, and it became clear to me that my passion lay in geopolitics.

Since 2013, geopolitics has been my specialization and forte.


But, not the ordinary geopolitics, such as oil flows or migration routes. Rather, my focus has always been on the big macro transformations, starting with "Next Geopolitics" (my expression for geopolitics+tech) to "Vertical Globalization" (the new design of globalization) to "The Metamorphosis" (the new era of geopolitics underway).

For almost a decade, I worked as a Geopolitical Futurist at Center for Innovating the Future (CIF), a strategy-foresight firm, advising clients on what's next for geopolitics. In 2023, I founded "The Geopolitical Business, Inc" to guide companies and governments through the new geopolitical climate and keep them competitive.

Since 2016, I have published multiple books on geopolitics, including "Next Geopolitics: Volume One & Two," "Go.AI (Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence)" and "The World Is Vertical." Some of my titles have also been published in other languages.

I am based in Toronto, Canada, and very much enjoy meeting new people, so do reach out if you are ever in the city (abishur at nextgeopolitics dot com).

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